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Safety and Design

Safety and Design Team

Safety and Design is one of several teams within the Federal Highway Administration’s Resource Center. The Safety and Design Team works closely with FHWA Headquarters, field offices and other Federal agencies to provide technical assistance, technology deployment and training to partners and customers.

The following table lists the areas in which the team provides technical expertise along with the names of the team members who can provide assistance. You can find the person’s contact information by clicking on the name.

Technical Areas Primary Contact Other Contacts
Data Driven Safety Analysis (incl. Highway Safety Manual, IHSDM, Roadway Safety Data and Analysis, and Systemic Safety) John McFadden Derek Troyer, Hillary Isebrands, Elliott Moore, Dave Petrucci, Steve Ratke
Design Discipline George Merritt Mark Doctor, Brooke Struve, Hillary Isebrands, Elliott Moore, Steve Ratke
Geometric Design (incl. PBPD) George Merritt Mark Doctor, Hillary Isebrands, Brooke Struve, Dave Petrucci, Steve Ratke
Safe System Approach (incl. LE) Mark Doctor Dave Petrucci, Keith Sinclair (LE), Steve Ratke, Elliott Moore, John McFadden
Interchange Design and Evaluation (including Innovative Interchange Geometrics) Elliott Moore Steve Ratke, Mark Doctor
Intersection Safety and Design (incl. Innovative Intersections, Roundabouts and ICE) Elliott Moore Tim Taylor, David Petrucci, Hillary Isebrands, Mark Doctor
Local, Rural and Tribal Road Safety (incl. HRRR) Hillary Isebrands Tori Brinkly, Derek Troyer
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Design (including STEP and Road Diets) Keith Sinclair (Ped)
Brooke Struve (Bike)
Peter Eun, Tim Taylor
Complete Streets Brooke Struve Tim Taylor, Keith Sinclair, Peter Eun, Derek Troyer, Steve Ratke, John McFadden
Speed Management (incl. speed cameras, VSL, Design Speed, Target Speed) Peter Eun Mark Doctor, Tim Taylor, Elliott Moore
Roadway Departure/Roadside Design (including FoRRRwD, Safety Edge and HFST) Dick Albin
Tori Brinkly
Elliott Moore, Tim Taylor
Safety Discipline Keith Sinclair All Team Members
Safe Roads and Streets for All Steve Ratke Peter Eun
Vulnerable Road Users (incl. Older Users) Dave Kopacz Mark Doctor, Keith Sinclair
Visibility (including retroreflectivity, roadway lighting, signing and marking design) George Merritt Tori Brinkly, Tim Taylor


Team Members
Patrick "Pat" Hasson
Safety and Design Team Technical Director
Victoria "Tori" Brinkly
Senior Safety Engineer
Richard "Dick" Albin
Senior Safety Engineer

Hillary Isebrands
Senior Safety Engineer/Team Leader

Elliott Moore
Senior Safety Engineer (Hybrid)

Derek Troyer
Senior Safety Engineer

John McFadden
Senior Safety Engineer

Mark Doctor
Senior Safety and Design Engineer/Team Leader

George Merritt
Senior Safety and Design Engineer

Peter Eun
Safety Engineer

Keith Sinclair
Senior Safety Engineer

Steve Ratke
Senior Safety & Geometric Design Engineer

Brooke Struve
Senior Safety and Design Engineer

David Petrucci
Senior Safety Engineer

Timothy Taylor
Senior Safety Engineer

Brandy Solak, P.E., RSP2B
Safety and Design Engineer


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