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Traffic Monitoring in Recreational Areas
A Successful Practitioner's Handbook

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August 2010

Federal Highway Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation

Front Materials

Cover page of report

Technical Report Documentation Page

1. Report No.
2. Government Accession No. 3. Recipient's Catalog No.
4. Title and Subtitle
Traffic Monitoring In Recreational Areas
5. Report Date August 2010
6. Performing Organization Code
7. Author(s)
Shawn Turner, P.E., Texas Transportation Institute; Jodi Carson, Ph.D., P.E., Texas Transportation Institute; Carol A. Zimmerman, Battelle; L.J. Wilkinson, Chaparral Systems, Inc.; Kathy Travis, Chaparral Systems, Inc.
8. Performing Organization Report No.
9. Performing Organization Name and Address
Battelle Memorial Institute 505 King Avenue Columbus, OH 43201 Texas Transportation Institute 3135 TAMU College Station, TX 77843
10. Work Unit No. (TRAIS)
11. Contract or Grant No.
12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address
Federal Highway Administration Western Federal Lands Highway Division 610 East 5th St. Vancouver, WA 98661
13. Type of Report and Period Covered
Final Report 2009
14. Sponsoring Agency Code
15. Supplementary Notes
COTR: Amit Armstrong, Ph.D., P.E. This technology deployment was funded under the FHWA Federal Lands Highway Coordinated Technology Implementation Program (CTIP).
16. Abstract
Traffic monitoring in recreational areas is often challenged by distinct traffic and roadway characteristics and the multitude of agencies responsible for the management of Federal lands and/or the collection of supporting traffic data. These challenges are exacerbated by a lack of consistent procedural guidance; existing national traffic monitoring guidelines lack sufficient direction and detail for recreational travel.

In an effort to improve/lend consistency to traffic monitoring in recreational areas, the Coordinated Technology Implementation Program tasked the Office of Federal Lands Highway-Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) with conducting an assessment of the nationwide practices for recreational traffic data collection. A review of pertinent literature related to recreational traffic data collection was conducted. A targeted survey of various State and local agencies responsible for traffic monitoring was administered. A workshop focused on traffic monitoring in recreational areas was also conducted. Key findings from these activities are briefly described herein.
17. Key Words
traffic monitoring, recreation, traffic counting
18. Distribution Statement
No restriction. This document is available to the public from the sponsoring agency at the website
19. Security Classif. (of this report)
20. Security Classif. (of this page)
21. No. of Pages
22. Price

Form DOT F 1700.7 (8-72)
Reproduction of completed page authorized

Technology Deployment Program
Western Federal Lands Highway Division
Federal Highway Administration
610 East 5th St.
Vancouver, WA 98661

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SI* (Modern Metric) Conversion Factors

Symbol When You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
in inches 25.4 millimeters mm
ft feet 0.305 meters m
yd yards 0.914 meters m
mi miles 1.61 kilometers km
in2 square inches 645.2 square millimeters mm2
ft2 square feet 0.093 square meters m2
yd2 square yard 0.836 square meters m2
ac acres 0.405 hectares ha
mi2 square miles 2.59 square kilometers km2
fl oz fluid ounces 29.57 milliliters mL
gal gallons 3.785 liters L
ft3 cubic feet 0.028 cubic meters m3
yd3 cubic yards 0.765 cubic meters
NOTE: volumes greater than 1000 L shall be shown in m3
oz ounces 28.35 grams g
lb pounds 0.454 kilograms kg
T short tons (2000 lb) 0.907 megagrams (or "metric ton") Mg (or "t")
TEMPERATURE (exact degrees)
°F Fahrenheit 5 (F-32)/9 or (F-32)/1.8 Celsius °C
fc foot-candles 10.76 lux lx
fl foot-Lamberts 3.426 candela/m2 cd/m2
lbf poundforce 4.45 newtons N
lbf/in2 poundforce per square inch 6.89 kilopascals kPa
Symbol When You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
mm millimeters 0.039 inches in
m meters 3.28 feet ft
m meters 1.09 yards yd
km kilometers 0.621 miles mi
mm2 square millimeters 0.0016 square inches in2
m2 square meters 10.764 square feet ft2
m2 square meters 1.195 square yards yd2
ha hectares 2.47 acres ac
km2 square kilometers 0.386 square miles mi2
mL milliliters 0.034 fluid ounces fl oz
L liters 0.264 gallons gal
m3 cubic meters 35.314 cubic feet ft3
m3 cubic meters 1.307 cubic yards yd3
g grams 0.035 ounces oz
kg kilograms 2.202 pounds lb
Mg (or "t") megagrams (or "metric ton") 1.103 short tons (2000 lb) T
TEMPERATURE (exact degrees)
°C Celsius 1.8C+32 Fahrenheit °F
lx lux 0.0929 foot-candles fc
cd/m2 candela/m2 0.2919 foot-Lamberts fl
N newtons 0.225 poundforce lbf
kPa kilopascals 0.145 poundforce per square inch lbf/in2

*SI is the symbol for the International System of Units. Appropriate rounding should be made to comply with Section 4 of ASTM E380.
(Revised March 2003)

Table of Contents

List of Acronyms

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials AADT Annual Average Daily Traffic

ADT - Average Daily Traffic

ATR - Automatic Traffic Recorder

AVC - Automatic Vehicle Classifier

AWDT - Average Weekday Traffic

BLM - Bureau of Land Management

BMS - Bridge Management System

CMS - Congestion Management System

CV - Coefficient of Variation

DOT - Department of Transportation

FARS - Fatal Accident Reporting System

FDOT - Florida Department of Transportation

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration

FLH - Office of Federal Lands Highway

FLHP - Federal Lands Highway Program

FLMA - Federal Land Management Agency

GIS - Geographic Information System

HPMS - Highway Performance Monitoring System

LTPP - Long-Term Pavement Performance

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization

MTC - Metropolitan Transportation Commission

NATMEC - North American Travel Monitoring Exhibition and Conference NPS National Park Service

PMS - Pavement Management System

PRPTIP - Park Road Program, Transportation Improvement Program RIP Road Inventory Program

RV - Recreational Vehicle

SMCOG - Southwest Missouri Council of Governments SMS Safety Management System

TMG - Traffic Monitoring Guide

TMS - Traffic Management System

TRIS - Transportation Research Information System

TTI - Texas Transportation Institute

U.S. DOT - U.S. Department of Transportation

USDA-FS - U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service USFWS Fish and Wildlife Service

VMT - Vehicle-Miles Traveled

WIM - Weigh-in-Motion


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