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TTAP 2-Year Pilot Program

National Pilot (2018-2019)

FHWA formally launched in March 2018 a national pilot for the services delivered under the Tribal Transportation Assistance Program (TTAP). The national pilot was implemented to assess whether reshaping the program could feasibly increase the amount of transportation training and associated technical assistance available to tribal transportation professionals and provide data to serve as a baseline against which future improvements could be measured. Administered from a central location with the virtual delivery of face-to-face training, the pilot tested a means to provide broader national coverage. The goal was to deliver training in core transportation focus areas, centralize subject matter expertise, ensure consistency in training delivery, share best practices and innovation, enable technical assistance from subject matter experts, test a Road Scholars certification program, and create program awareness with the tribal transportation workforce. The pilot was funded at the same level as previous TTAP efforts. For more information on pilot please click here.

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Innovation Exchange Webinars

Innovation Exchange Webinars

This webinar series fosters conversations for launching change, targeted to local agencies, tribes, and Federal Land Management agencies.

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Andrea Kirk
Program Manager

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Program Manager

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Program Manager

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Program Manager

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Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Demonstration Grants

New applications for the AID Demonstration program are being accepted through (search for Opportunity Number FHWA-2016-21063). While Application Instructions are available for download, please refer to the NOFO and Notice of Correction to learn about the selection criteria, application requirements, and evaluation process.

Proposal Narrative Template

The June 7, 2017 Innovation Exchange webinar provided information on how to write an AID proposal. The recording for that webinar can be found at:


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