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Project Bundling Resources

This section of the Bundled Facilities website provides resources on Project Bundling. Project bundling is the practice of combining projects to accelerate delivery, reduce costs, and increase efficiency by combining multiple projects into a single contract. Project bundling streamlines design, contracting, and construction; creating value for the agency, contractors, and customers. The Federal Highway Administration promotes project bundling as part of its Everyday Counts initiative to save time, money, and resources to deliver more projects. This includes resources developed and managed by FHWA and others. They provide best practices and information useful to state and local transportation practitioners

Legislation & Regulations

FAST ACT, Sec. 1111. Bundling of bridge projects (PDF)

23 U.S. Code § 144 (j) Bundling of Bridge Projects (Website)

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of November 15.2021

A Guidebook to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Governments, and Other Partners

Formula Program



Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) 693JJ322NF00009

  • Funding Opportunity Number: 693JJ322NF00009: Bridge Investment Program - Planning, Bridge Projects, and Large Bridge Projects, Department of Transportation,
  • Eligible Applicants: 1. A State or a group of States; 2. A metropolitan planning organization that serves an urbanized area (as designated by the Bureau of the Census) with a population over 200,000; 3. A unit of local government or a group of local governments; 4. A political subdivision of a State or local government; 5. A special purpose district or a public authority with a transportation function; 6. A Federal land management agency; 7. A Tribal government or a consortium of Tribal governments; and 8. A multistate or multijurisdictional group of entities as described above.
  • Apply:
  • Bridge Investment Program (BIP) Questions and Answers (Q&As)
  • Bridge Investment Program (BIP)
  • Competitive Grant Funding Matrix
  • Bridge Investment Program Overview Webinar (6/10/2022) Presentation and Recording (Passcode: LNcVYA7%)

The Tools:

Bridge Bundling Guidebook- An Efficient and Effective Method for Maintaining and Improving Bridge Assets (PDF)

Bridge Bundling Guidebook Presentation (PDF)

Advanced Project Bundling: A Reference for Getting Started (PDF)

Advanced Project Bundling: A Reference for Getting Started Presentation (PDF)

Project Bundling Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (EXCEL)

Project Bundling Organizational Self-Assessment: Example (EXCEL)

Project Bundling Database (EXCEL)

How-to Briefs:

  • Creating an effective combined state and local project bundling program (Coming soon)
  • When to Bundle (PDF)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Coming soon)
  • Overcoming Roadblocks (Coming soon)

Training and Technical Assistance

College/University Lecture and Course Materials (Website)

Project Bundling Webinar Series (Website)

Project Bundling Saves Bundles (Video)

Project Bundling - BATIC Institute Webinar (PDF)

Project Bundling Practices:

GDOT Bridge Bundling Replaces 24 Local Bridges in Just 24 Months

Lycoming County Local Bridge Bundling

MDOT dashboard tracks bridge bundling pilot program


Bridge Bundling

Bridge Bundling—A New Old Idea

Illinois Exploring Bridge Bundling

Bridge bundling: combining discipline with experience to reduce infrastructure backlog, AECOM

Innovative strategies help address decaying bridges- Bridge owners explore new approaches to bridge funding, repair and replacement by HNTB

Bundling or Grouping Pavement and Bridge Projects: Analysis and Strategies

Project Bundling

Advanced Project Bundling: Risk Management Guide 1 ADVANCED PROJECT BUNDLING Risk Management Advanced Project Bundling: Risk Management Guide 2

Bundling Bridge and Other Highway Projects: Patterns and Policies

P3 Project Bundling Roundtable Briefing

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