Local Resources

The following resources are a sample of policy and technical information regarding funding and financing of transportation from a local perspective. The resources, from public, private and non-governmental sources, address both broad funding issues and focus on tools to raise revenue.

Puget Sound Regional Council Report on Funding for Local Government Infrastructure

Puget Sound Regional Council, 2009

This report surveys the status of local infrastructure funding programs in Washington State after the recession. With diminishing state and federal funding, the report explores funding options at the local level including local option taxes and fees, as well as change in the management and monitoring of infrastructure systems.

Transportation Research Board Local and Regional Funding Mechanisms for Public Transportation

Cambridge Systematics, 2008

This report is a comprehensive database of local and regional funding sources used by transit systems around the country. The report identified six major categories of local and regional funding including traditional tax and fee-based funding, project revenue streams, user or market-based funding sources, fare strategies, and others. The report offers guidance on evaluating existing and new local funding mechanisms, and a comparison of international experiences in sourcing local and regional funding for transportation.

Financing Options for an Expanded Seattle Streetcar System and Network

University of Washington Urban Form Lab and Washington State Transportation Center, 2007

Completed in April 2007 for the Seattle Urban League and the Seattle Streetcar Alliance, this two-part study was developed to guide decisions regarding the financing of a network of streetcar lines in and near Downtown Seattle, Washington. Part I of the study addressed the potential revenue and funding sources for the operations, maintenance, and capital costs of developing the streetcar lines. Part II of the study examined the social and economic characteristics of neighborhoods and districts that would affect the existing and planned network of streetcar lines.