State Resources

The following resources comprise policy and technical information regarding transportation funding and financing at the state level. The resources, from public, private and non-governmental sources, address both broad funding issues and focus on impact fees and tax increment financing.

National Impact Fee Study, August 2019

This survey outlines the use of impact fees to fund transportation and other infrastructure modes at the state level. The report analyzes information on common types of impact fees, how states are managing the fees, as well as how charges are changing over time through comparative analysis of past surveys.

Maryland Blue Ribbon Commission Report on State Transportation

Maryland Blue Ribbon Commission, November 2011

The report was solicited by the state's Blue Ribbon Commission to understand the current transportation funding and financing program and offer recommendations for transforming the structure of the program to meet future service needs. The Blue Ribbon Commission is made up of 28 members representing transportation, environmental and economic interests including public agencies, public interest groups, and industry. The Commission was approved in 2010 Maryland General Assembly for a period of two years until June 2012.

National Governor's Association Report: How State and Territories Fund Transportation

National Governor's Association, July 2009

This report provides an overview of traditional and alternative strategies for funding transportation at the state level, and includes a summary of each state's surface transportation funding program. The goal of the report is to help states identify strategies alongside federal and local initiatives to meet the growing demand for infrastructure investment. The National Governors' Association (NGA) comprises governors from all 50 states, three territories and two commonwealths. Its members use the organization as vehicle for analyzing and developing national policy and leadership on state issues.

NCHRP Report Making the Case for Transportation Investment and Revenue

October 2009

This report, published at the request of American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), is a guide for state officials on the decision-making process applied to transportation revenue initiatives. The report includes a toolkit on effective messaging of transportation funding needs to political leaders, the public, and press. It also includes case studies of state and local jurisdictions that enacted new or reevaluated existing funding and financing initiatives.

Alternative Strategies for Improving Transportation Facilities

North Carolina DOT, March 2007

This report, commissioned by North Carolina DOT, explores alternative funding strategies for highways and public transportation in the state given scarce financial resources and growing transportation demand. The report focuses on a variety of revenue strategies including tax increment financing, transportation corporations, special tax assessment districts, and impact fees.

Council of Development Finance Agencies Tax Increment Financing Resource Center

Council of Development Finance Agencies

The Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) is an association dedicated to advancing the concerns and interests of development finance. The Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Resource Center provides links to information on TIF procedures and policies, technical reports and state-level analysis of TIF programs.

Pennsylvania Transportation Funding Study Report

Pennsylvania State Transportation Advisory Committee

This report was commissioned by the Pennsylvania State Transportation Advisory Committee to analyze feasible alternatives to the state's transportation funding and financing program in the context of changing economic conditions. The Advisory Committee is composed of the Secretary of Transportation, heads of Department of Agriculture, Education, Community and Economic Development, Governor's Office, state legislative representatives, and other public officials.