Transportation Utility Fees Resources

The following resources are policy reports and public programs that utilize Transportation Utility Fees.

Highland City, Utah, 2017

In May 2017, Highland City, Utah created a Transportation Utility Fund dedicated to the operation, improvement, maintenance, and rehabilitation of roads. This page includes background, a map of rehabilitation projects, planning documents, and FAQs.


Public Works Management and Policy, February 2016

This article examines the bases used by 34 cities in the United States to implement transportation utility fees and discusses how each basis relates to the success of transportation utility fees in the cities that have implemented them and in other cities that may consider adopting them.


Eno Center for Transportation, 2013

This article discusses the arguments for considering the transportation system as a utility like water or phone service and funding it with utility tax measures.


The Journal of Transport and Land Use, Spring 2012

This paper evaluates transportation utility fees as an alternative funding source in terms of efficiency, equity, revenue adequacy and political and administrative feasibility. It draws from experience with TUFs in a number of cities across the U.S.


Karen E. Seggerman, Arthur Nelson, James C. Nicholas & Aldo Fabregas, March 2010

This paper presents a new approach to financing transportation facilities through a transportation utility fee that encompasses some characteristics of an impact fee in attempt to resolve some of TUFs' shortcomings. The paper reports on research performed for the Florida Department of Community Affairs.


Reid Ewing, June 1993

This article from the ITE Journal discusses Transportation Utility Fees throughout the United States.


City of Hillsboro, Oregon, 2018

In 2008, Hillsboro, Oregon established a TUF to help pay for street maintenance. In February 2015, the City Council adopted a stepped rate increase over the next five years that was intended to fully fund the City's pavement management program.


City of Newberg, Oregon, May 2018

This page provides information on the City of Newberg's TUF, fee waiver forms, FAQs, and supporting documents.


Montana Department of Transportation

This Montana Department of Transportation webpage provides information on TUF's use in the state and examples from elsewhere.


City of Oregon City, Oregon, 2017

Oregon City's Pavement Maintenance Utility Fee was adopted on May 21, 2008. Beginning in 2013, the rate has been increasing 3 percent per year. This website provides information on annual rates, links to annual reports, and the most recent five-year pavement maintenance plan.