Transportation Reinvestment Zone Resources

The following resources provide policy and technical information on Transportation Reinvestment Zones.

Transportation Reinvestment Zones - Wasatch Front Regional Council White Paper

Zions Public Finance, August 2018

This paper was commissioned by the Wasatch Front Regional Council, the Utah League of Cities and Towns, the Utah Transit Authority, the Utah DOT, and Utah Association of Counties in response to the adoption of Utah Senate Bill 136 in 2018 authorizing TRZs. The purpose of the paper is to understand the purpose of the bill, possible application in Utah, and to consider whether changes are necessary to make the bill more useful as an economic development tool. The paper also discusses the distinction between TRZs and Utah's existing community reinvestment areas (CRAs) as an effective economic development agent.

Transportation Reinvestment Zone

Texas Department of Transportation, 2017

This Texas Department of Transportation webpage outlines the program details and eligibility for Transportation Reinvestment Zones.

Transportation Reinvestment Zones - Testimony

Texas A&M Transportation Institute, September 2016

This document is testimony delivered to the Texas House Committee on Transportation Subcommittee on Long-term Infrastructure Planning on the topic "Evaluate transportation reinvestment zones for use by municipalities and counties transportation funding when authorized by the state." Testimony is given by Ginger Goodin, Director of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute Policy Research Center and Rafael Aldrete, Senior Research Scientist for Research and Implementation.

Transportation Reinvestment Zones: Texas Legislative History and Implementation

Texas A&M Transportation Institute, February 2016

This document presents the results of research conducted to evaluate the use of TRZs by local governments throughout the state. This evaluation had three main objectives:

  • Summarize the legal framework, including the modifications made to the framework since it was first adopted.
  • Describe the advantages and limitations of this financing tool through lessons learned during the implementation of municipal and county TRZs throughout the state and documented through interviews with stakeholders.
  • Develop a model to analyze TRZ opportunities.

Reinvestment Zones - Legislative Reference Library

Legislative Reference Library of Texas, 2019

This link provides search results of the Legislative Reference Library of Texas for Reinvestment Zones. Multiple documents for reference are available.

Overview of Transportation Reinvestment Zones

Locke Lord LLP, December 2013

This paper provides an overview of Transportation Reinvestment Zones, their legal framework, and information about implementation.

Port Of Port Arthur Establishes Transportation Reinvestment Zone

Sabine Neches Navigation District, December 2013

This news brief announces the creation of a TRZ by the Port of Port Arthur Commissioners.

Transportation Reinvestment Zone Handbook

Texas A&M Transportation Institute, September 2012

This handbook is the product of a research effort sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation to explore issues with the effective implementation of TRZs as a value capture strategy. The guidance is based on a handful of field implementations of TRZ projects at the time.

Hidalgo County - Proposed TRZ

Hidalgo County, Texas, November 2011

This is a public hearing notice from 2011 to address a proposed Transportation Reinvestment Zone in Hidalgo County, Texas.

Cameron County - Overview Of TRZs

Cameron County, Texas

This is a summary of TRZs' application in Camron County, Texas.