Naming Rights Resources

The following are informational resources on naming rights.

Virginia Department of Transportation, 2018

This page from the Virginia Department of Transportation website describes how bridges, highways and interchanges are named in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Metro Magazine, 2018

This page from the Metro Magazine website provides summaries of and links to articles on naming rights initiatives embarked upon by transit agencies across the United States.


Michigan State University, June 2016

This article explores issues related to private sponsorship of public events, parks, and other locations. It suggests that while there may be potential negative consequences from such sponsorships, governments should consider them as a way to raise needed revenue.


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), 2016

LA Metro's policy on property naming was updated in 2016 to include a policy on corporate sponsorship.


Reason Foundation, April 2018

This article explores the issues of naming rights and free speech.


Missouri Department of Transportation, 2018

This webpage describes Missouri DOT's Sponsor-A-Highway program, through which groups, organizations and businesses can "sponsor" a highway by paying a private company to clean up litter and complete other activities on their behalf.


American Bar Association, undated

This article highlights three important issues in stadium naming rights deals: category exclusivity (which companies within the sponsor's industry can sell or advertise goods and services at the stadium), operations (sponsor control over the hiring and management of ticket takers, security guards, maintenance staff, etc.), and length (duration and renewal options of the naming rights deal).