Community Improvement District Resources

The following resources provide additional information and examples of community improvement district resources.

The Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, May 2014

This resource explains the use of CIDs in Missouri and provides links to CIDs around the state.


City of Olathe, Kansas, 2018

The City may designate a Community Improvement District (CID) to fund eligible commercial development project costs through imposition of a special sales tax up to two percent and/or the levy of special assessments. This website lists active CID projects, discusses policy, and provides access to reports and maps.


Georgia State University, June 2016

This report examines Georgia's CIDs and then compares them to another type of BID model used in Georgia, as well as BID entities in neighboring states.


Nickel Works Consulting, 2015

This two-page fact sheet provides a quick overview of Georgia CIDs.


Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP, 2018

This legal briefing explains Georgia's CIDs as a financing tool.


Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, 2018

The Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs), representing both the Central (DeKalb) and Fulton Perimeter CIDs in Metropolitan Atlanta, are self-taxing districts that use additional property taxes to help accelerate needed transportation and infrastructure improvement projects. The PCIDs have contributed to several significant roadway improvements in the Metro Atlanta region, including the Ashford Dunwoody Diverging Diamond Interchange with I-295 and the I-285 / SR 400 Interchange Reconstruction.


Buckhead Community Improvement District, 2018

This website provides news and information about the Buckhead Community Improvement District. Details and project information is provided.