Asset Recycling Resources

The following are informational resources on asset recycling.

Reason Foundation, November 2018

This policy study from the Reason Foundation finds that $720 billion to $885 billion could be generated for infrastructure investment through asset recycling of existing U.S. infrastructure. The study reviews the reasons for using asset recycling, experience in Australia and the U.S., and makes recommendations for federal policy changes to encourage asset recycling by state and local government entities. /p>


Transport Topics, September 2018

The Arizona Department of Transportation sold a parcel of land it owned along Interstate 10 in Phoenix for $28.7 million, the largest sale of excess property in the agency's history. Proceeds from the sale will be used for an upcoming project to widen I-10 between the Loop 202 (Santan Freeway) and the I-17 "Split" interchange near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The project, slated to start construction in 2021, will widen the mainline and includes improvements at the Broadway Curve to help traffic flow more efficiently. The land currently has several commercial buildings on it leased to businesses.


Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PC, May 2018

This law firm's article discusses asset recycling the context of generating new transportation revenue for state and local infrastructure improvements.


Marsh, 2018

This report explores how the asset recycling concept has been practically implemented in the context of Australia. From the Australian experience, it discusses the key takeaways for governments that are considering implementing asset recycling schemes. In particular, the report highlights the importance of accounting for public perception in a successful asset recycling program.


World Economic Forum, December 2017

This publication offers insights on how asset recycling in infrastructure has the potential to significantly increase levels of infrastructure investment by aligning long-term institutional investors that have a preference for built assets, notably pension funds. Asset recycling unlocks and directs capital from these investors towards governments' most critical greenfield infrastructure needs. This report offers a look at asset recycling's potential to close the "infrastructure gap" across the globe.


American Action Forum, July 2017

This analysis reviews the basics of asset recycling and argues that while it could be a viable strategy for application to state and local government owned assets, it is less promising for Federal Government-owned assets.


Strategic Partnerships, Inc., June 2017

This blog post provides a short overview of asset recycling.


Bipartisan Policy Center, June 2017
This blog post outlines how asset recycling works, referencing Australia's program, and its benefits, challenges, and options for use in the United States.

California Policy Center, June 2017

This article makes the case for asset recycling in California to address the state's $100 billion-plus backlog in infrastructure needs, drawing on experience from Australia.


Deloitte, 2014

This brief highlights the 2014 introduction of Australia's Infrastructure Growth Package that included its Asset Recycling Fund and Asset Recycling Initiative and offers recommendations for states and territories to leverage the program strategically.