Transportation Improvement District (TID) / Transportation Development District (TDD) Resources

The following resources provide additional information and examples of Transportation Improvement District (TID) / Transportation Development District (TDD) resources.

Missouri Department of Transportation, January 2009

Frequently asked questions regarding Missouri's Transportation Development Districts.


Missouri Department of Revenue, 2018

This webpage provides information for district officials and for businesses required to collect and remit TDD sales tax to the Department.


City of Creve Coeur, Missouri, 2018

This section of the City of Creve Coeur website discusses their implementation of Transportation Improvement Districts. Charter and ordinances are provided, as well as information about planning projects, past and future meetings, and the city's two current TDDs: Olive/Graeser TDD and Olive Boulevard TDD.


Ohio Department of Transportation, 2018

Ohio DOT TID information webpage.


Butler County Transportation Improvement District, Ohio

The Butler County TID website provides detailed information about the Transportation Improvement District, past projects, future projects, news, reports, and meeting information.


Montgomery County, Ohio, 2018

This webpage is a brief summary of the relevant Statute, as well as committee, meeting and contact information for the Montgomery County TID. The county seat is Dayton.


New Jersey State Library, 1989

Legislative history for New Jersey's Transportation Development District Act.


State of Ohio, 2013

Chapter 5540: Transportation Improvement Districts of the Ohio Revised Code.


Delaware Department of Transportation, 2018

This website provides information on Delaware TIDs in operation and under development.


Institute for Public Administration, University of Delaware, December 2014

This resource is intended to elevate an understanding of Delaware Transportation Improvements Districts (TIDs) and how they can support financing of Delaware's transportation system, better coordinate land use and transportation planning, manage impacts of growth, and attract investment to areas planned for growth and development. The publication highlights benefits of TIDs and provides an overview of the Delaware Department of Transportation's amended regulations that expand TID protocols. A local government can incorporate a TID into its planning framework by following a simple, six-step process to create a TID. Best practice examples are provided for two Delaware local governments that have either planned for, or implemented, TIDs


City of Olathe, Kansas, 2018

Under Kansas law, a Transportation Development District (TDD) can generate revenue to pay the costs of transportation infrastructure improvements in and around new development. This website lists active TDD projects, discusses policy, and provides access to reports and maps.


Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida, 2006

This paper prepared for the North Carolina Department of Transportation discusses a variety of funding strategies including transportation improvement districts, transportation corporations, tax increment financing, and transportation impact fees.