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Executive Summary (Standalone) [2.6MB]

23rd Conditions and Performance Report (Entire Report) [12.6MB]

List of Exhibits [187KB]

Abbreviations [101KB]

Introduction [275KB]

Highlights [1.3MB]

Executive Summary [662KB]

Part I: Moving a Nation [531KB]

Chapter 1: System Assets [665KB]

Chapter 2: Funding [851KB]

Chapter 3: Travel [1.1MB]

Chapter 4: Mobility and Access [982KB]

Chapter 5: Safety [559KB]

Chapter 6: Infrastructure Conditions [887KB]

Part II: Investing for the Future [595KB]

Chapter 7: Capital Investment Scenarios [669KB]

Chapter 8: Supplemental Analysis [769KB]

Chapter 9: Sensitivity Analysis [665KB]

Chapter 10: Impacts of Investment [737KB]

Part III: Highway Freight Transportation Conditions and Performance [355KB]

Chapter 11: Freight Transportation [2MB]

Chapter 12: Conditions and Performance of the National Highway Freight Network [1.3MB]

Part IV: Changes to the Highway Performance Monitoring System [461KB]

Part V: Appendices [402KB]

Appendix A: Highway Investment Analysis Methodology [483KB]

Appendix B: Bridge Investment Analysis Methodology [446KB]

Appendix C: Transit Investment Analysis Methodology [457KB]

Appendix D: Reimagining the C&P Report [337KB]

Report Submitted to Congress on November 22, 2019.
Page posted on October 22, 2020